Because of D.R. Gilcrest’s long tradition of quality manufacturing we are able to provide a Ten-Year Limited Warranty on any piece in the D.R. Gilcrest Contract furniture line. Our case goods are manufactured in the United States and have been for over sixty years. And we stand behind what we manufacture and sell. What our 10-year limited warranty means: This warranty is our promise to the original purchaser that each piece of D.R. Gilcrest furniture will be free from manufacturing defects in materials, workmanship or construction. If any defect does appear, D.R. Gilcrest will take the steps described below to correct it.

Who is covered:
This Limited Warranty protects only the original purchaser and applies only when you purchase D.R. Gilcrest contract furniture for normal commercial use and not for household use.


Consequential or incidental damages: WE EXCLUDE AND WILL NOT PAY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES UNDER WARRANTY. By this we mean any loss, expense or damage other than to the furniture itself that may result from a defect in the furniture. The remedies provided under this warranty stated the limit of D.R. Gilcrest’s responsibilities.

What D.R. Gilcrest will do:
We will remedy a manufacturing defect in any of your D.R. Gilcrest contract furniture as long as you send a notice of defect within the ten-year Warranty period (measured from the date of delivery). If you notice a defect, it is important for you to act promptly and notify the authorized D.R. Gilcrest dealer from whom you purchased your furniture or call D.R. Gilcrest direct at 616.928.0642 and ask for customer service.

When you notify D.R. Gilcrest or the authorized D.R. Gilcrest dealer of the defect in your D.R. Gilcrest contract furniture, please provide us with the reasonable proof of the date of purchase. After notification, it may be necessary for D.R. Gilcrest or the D.R. Gilcrest dealer to arrange for an inspection of your furniture to determine whether the or not the defect exists. I the defect does exist, it will be repaired. If D.R. Gilcrest determines that a repair is not practicable, you will be supplied with a new piece of D.R. Gilcrest contract furniture, if available, or the same or similar color, design, style and quality. If the identical materials are not available oat the time of repair or replacement, D.R. Gilcrest reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality. You will not be charged for any repair services or the new replacement furniture. If you paid transportation or shipping charges for the original delivery or your D.R. Gilcrest contract furniture, you will not be charged for transportation of warranted furniture to and from the designated D.R. Gilcrest manufacturing facility. The repair or replacement of the D.R. Gilcrest

Limitations on the coverage of our 10-year warranty:
Our ten-year warranty is one of the best in the industry, but there are some limits to it. Any of the following things reduce our responsibility under this warranty:

Original Purchaser:
This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the D.R. Gilcrest contract furniture. By “original purchaser” we mean the first purchaser who takes retail delivery of the furniture for the placement and use in a commercial business location.

Improper Care and Use:
Your D.R. Gilcrest contract furniture requires some routine maintenance. Please take care to treat your furniture like the fine product it is. Keep furniture clean, dusted, and polished you would any piece of fine furniture. This will prolong its life and help preserved its beauty. Proper care and use are also essential to preserving your rights under this warranty. We will not repair or replace your furniture if damage is caused by improper use, by improper maintenance or by improper cleaning. This warranty does not apply if product damage results from the use of detergents, cleansers, abrasives or other harsh cleaning agents on the furniture. Warranty will also not apply if wood product has been exposed to excessive moisture, humidity, or standing liquids.

Accidents, Abuse and Normal Wear and Tear:
This warranty does not apply if an inspection by D.R. Gilcrest or an authorized D.R. Gilcrest dealer reveals that product damage results from abuse, normal wear and tear, or accidents, including without limitations burns, cuts, tears, scratches, scuffs, stains and indentations.

Freight Damage:
This is warranty does not cover damage caused by freight provider.

Upholstery Exclusion:
Since the manufacturers of the upholstery fabrics do not guarantee their products for wearing quality, colorfastness, fabric shrinkage, wrinkling or stretching, D.R. Gilcrest cannot extend a warranty against these problems for you. Foam is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year.